Registering GREEN Says You Want a GREEN New Deal!

Greens speak out on camera:

Hear REAL Candidates Talk about Real Issues You Rarely Hear About


1 – C-SPAN  |  2 – Democracy Now!  |  3 – Moyers & Shadow Cabinet  |  4 – Moyers & candidates

Leverage from the OUTSIDE can do what DECADES of pressure from the INside has not.
Your GREEN Registration added to the growing numbers MAKES that leverage happen.

Grow this Movement! HOW TO Register Green

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Write us! Contact Switch2Green.org
* See the states that have Green registration at this time. If yours does not, simply DECLARE YOURSELF a Green and notify your state and national party. Write advising your representatives of your decision to become Green and tell them it is time for them to pay attention to the People's will. Tell them of your intent to fight for Green registration and clean elections in your state legislature.

HOW to Register Green: Click for details. NOTE: IF you have popups or javascript turned off on your browser, click here for HOW to Register.

Switch2Green is an effort to make our elected officials respond to the citizens' agenda by growing that voice. It is not affiliated with the Green Party of the United States.

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