Registering GREEN Says You Want a GREEN New Deal!

The Green New Deal. Just what the Doctor ordered!

  1. AN ECONOMIC BILL OF RIGHTS – (and this gives us Security, too): Good, safe sustainable jobs with living wages and benefits, plus the right to organize, quality healthcare for all (without the waste and sick-making pollution), good tuition-free education, decent, affordable housing and an end to mindless foreclosures for distant profits.
  2. A GREEN TRANSITION – Loans that encourage true, sustainable green businesses that improve our health through improved air and water quality, and that produces breakthroughs in research and give good, meaningful jobs.
  3. REAL FINANCIAL REFORM – no more "banksters" wreaking havoc with their get-rich-quick schemes affecting our homes and jobs. True, thoughtful regulation with you, your families and your communities in mind.
  4. A FUNCTIONING DEMOCRACY – If you think we've already got it, well, THINK again, and open your eyes! It's basically Pay to Play with Big $$ Running Elections and Agendas. Lobbyists write much of the legislation that Congress rubber-stamps. Free access to Media and Debates and Instant Runoff Voting (a one-time vote that can only produce a majority win) are a good start to making your will determine the outcomes: now THAT'S democracy!

LEARN more about the Green New Deal here, and you can hear Dr. Jill Stein's inspiring message on G.N.D.'s role as Job Creator … and Climate Transformer.

• Also, check out Jill's interview on C-Span elsewhere on this site … as well as those with Amy Goodman on Democracy Now! and on Bill Moyers.

LEARN about the Green New Deal and more in the Bill Moyers interview with Green Party candidates Jill Stein and Cheri Honkala (2012). Watch this interview! … and others.

* GND definitions from GreenNewDeal.us

Leverage from the OUTSIDE can do what DECADES of pressure from the INside has not.
Your GREEN Registration added to the growing numbers helps MAKE that leverage happen.

Grow this Movement! HOW TO Register Green

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* See the states that have Green registration at this time. If yours does not, simply DECLARE YOURSELF a Green and notify your state and national party. Write advising your representatives of your decision to become Green and tell them it is time for them to pay attention to the People's will. Tell them of your intent to fight for Green registration and clean elections in your state legislature.

HOW to Register Green: Click for details. NOTE: IF you have popups or javascript turned off on your browser, click here for HOW to Register.

Switch2Green is an effort to make our elected officials respond to the citizens' agenda by growing that voice. It is not affiliated with the Green Party of the United States.

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