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Many Voted "Change" in '08, '12 & '16. What changed??
• the DNC blocked Change in '16 & '20, trashing Bernie's agenda!
Now You Can Really VOTE for CHANGE! HOW?

•VOTE•with•Your•FEET•! CHANGE Your Registration:
… to GREEN! Yes! THIS Time Congress Must Listen!

Channel your outrage into a useful political tactic — REGISTRATION — that can have a real (and unexpected) impact.

The neo-cons use every tool in their arsenal to gain and keep power. Now WE must use every available political tool to save the democratic underpinnings of America.

If 200,000-300,000+ Voters switched their Registration to Green Party, suddenly TPP would be condemned, Wall St. Reform & Single-payer Health Insurance could go back on the table. Ur Registration IS ur vote!

Let's take advantage of the Green Party's political party status and its public commitment to stopping this assault ON America (its Constitution, laws, people) by the recent regimes in Washington.

• WHY NOT simply switch to INDEPENDENT?
A switch to "Independent" is a quiet gesture of frustration acceptable to the 2 major parties, not worrying the 1%. Why not? Because it's not opposition. A Green registration, on the other hand, carries the weight of a vote for something new!! Why, you ask? The registration ITSELF says a lot more about what YOU want than what most corporate-funded candidates promise in decades.

• A Green Registration says:

  • INVESTIGATE "Bailouts" & Wall St. Crimes
  • True representation: WE make the Rules!
  • Economic strength thru Sustainable Jobs!
  • NO to limitless war on our nickel
  • TRUE Security thru universal Healthcare, Education, decent housing & retirement!
  • END Corporate Personhood and
    STOP … Elections-for-sale!
  • Free and fair Elections ... and more

In short, the Agenda that nearly 70% of the American people want (and which has disappeared from the major parties' Platforms and Practices). Growing the Green Voice through registration, brings life to the silenced voices of that majority!

Those registration numbers are visible. Tell your representatives: “We have moved to a party which sounds just like our hearts and minds and consciences. You cannot ignore this constituency any longer!”

We can put this Congress on notice.

We can "VOTE" with our Registrations! We can make our views known. It may be the ONLY chance you get to show your progressive credentials without being silenced. And those numbers SHOW UP, pointing to a growing progressive constituency that DEMANDS attention.

Switching can bring us together as a force.

People, of course, can vote anyway they want to, but this new GREEN Registration can do more than your vote!! This isn’t hype. Just reflect on how much that November vote brought us...

These cowardly, pompous clowns in Congress have simply IGNORED the single greatest threat to our sovereignty: the Imperial Presidency, and have given them a pass on everything: crimes, negligence, torture -- and worse. Appalingly, this goes on with either corporate-funded party!

This is urgent. It's a start. Maybe … even a snowball!

We all know that we must do whatever we can at this time. The nation's life is at stake.

Taking a stand — any stand — can loose forces unexpected in the current paradigm. We are frozen with Fear and Inaction. Around such an unexpected move by a sizeable number of voters, new courage and leadership is bound to emerge, because suddenly there will be a new — definable and quantifiable — constituency whose positions are known, and which cannot be ignored.

Help make this CRYSTAL CLEAR:
YOU ARE ON NOTICE! You have let us down!
We DO have a place to go.
We are building a people-centered Agenda for the United States with the Green Party.
The "Change" Dems campaigned for is where? Even with power, they supported corporate funders — not WE, the People

Grow this Movement! HOW TO Register Green

(==> Click HERE if the above "How To" link does not work)

Write us! Contact Switch2Green.org
* See the states that have Green registration at this time. If yours does not, simply DECLARE YOURSELF a Green and notify your state and national party. Write advising your representatives of your decision to become Green and tell them it is time for them to pay attention to the People's will. Tell them of your intent to fight for Green registration and clean elections in your state legislature.

HOW to Register Green: Click for details. If you have popups or javascript turned off on your browser, click here for HOW to Register.

Switch2Green is an effort to make our elected officials respond to the citizens' agenda by growing that voice. It is not affiliated with the Green Party of the United States.

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